Meet our alter egos... 


Tom was bestowed this nickname due to the copious amount of coffee that he consumes daily. A healthy addiction (apparently) that keeps him firing on all cylinders throughout the work day/night. #tweek is a founding director of Brokr Home Loan Advisors – and credits a lot of his work to that glorious morning cup of brew! When he is not finding the best home loans for our customers, you will find Tom on the Crossfit competition floor or running through a treacherous mountain range.


Tom Marsh

0402 072 561

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With his older years and a grey tinge to his brow, the alter ego ‘ Gandalf ’ seems appropriate for James, the older statesmen. He is often known to reflect on his days traversing Middle Earth and speaking those words “ You shall not pass ” or “ Swords are no more use here” in the hallways and offices.Orcs , Elves and Hobbits may be gone but there are still many people to help guide into their new homes and businesses, as well as Banks to be dealt with.When you’re out and about you may see James on a run, walk or cycle enjoying the fresh air.


James Marsh

0490 903 491

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Mitch stumbled upon the nickname "Kemosabe" by being the most approachable guy around. Kemosabe means friend, deriving from the popular TV show 'Lone Ranger', and Mitch more than earns this name by ensuring that every customer he speaks to is well looked after. You'd almost think they were his best mate!When he is not guiding people through the home loan process, Mitch will be running on the waterfront, making terrariums in his backyard or eating copious amounts of ice cream.


Mitch Nancarrow

0432 511 703

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